November 13, 2014 | Author: Mircea Popescu

So I go to bed like a good dooby! At some sort of hour that's not after daybreak for once! Everything nice and good!

Then I wake up to find I have lost money while I slept™ to the tune of I dunno, fifty million dollah ? A hundred million dollah ? Something like that.i

Which of course pales from view if you stop to consider that back when Bitcoin traded at ~1.5k USD, I was worth about a million of 'em, putting me solidly in the billionaire ranks. That was... this Spring! By now however, I'm lucky if a quarter billion's left at all.ii Here's the bloodbath in all its nude glory :


Well now just look at that thing! Isn't the 4th bar from the right a gravestone, or w/e the one signalling the end of a trend is called ? And doesn't the downtrend end forthwith and an uptrend begins thereto ? (Don't mind me, I'm using expert words to make the article more expert). And then the 2nd from the right, isn't that a dragonfly or w/e they call the real bad one when you're fucked ? Was it a rising star maybe ? Anyway! It also correctly predicts the end of the uptrend and bad things to come!

Holy Shit! Technical Analysis is real!

If only I knew this going to bed, rather than reading about it now with all the rest of the world.

Serves me right for being a skeptic, but I guess I've learned my lesson and next time I'll be paying better attention.

  1. You may think that point-whatever billion is hardly worth the mention, after all I'm white and male and go with the tech stuffs, rather than almost-not-black and female, going with the cocksucking-and-other-homemaking-stuff. You know, cheap textile "labels", perfumes, the Martha Stewart lot. Like this chick :


    So it's all right and pooper that I'd be dealing in the tens of billions while her net worth is in the tens of millions, roughly enough to buy a whole closet where she lives. Right ?

    Hey, grats on all that "progress", ya derps. Back before you showed up to save the world, the best ass in a generation earned the chick in charge of it a little more than 1/1000th of the stuff the... hey, do you even believe I'm the best male in my generation ? Aww. Well... funny how that bolsters my argument then, isn't it ?

    Anyway, grats on all the progress, you're doing a bang-up job over there. []

  2. Which really makes a lot of difference to me. No, honestly, money is so very important. Like, before, right ? I could have bought about 30 Kardashians, provided I decided I could somehow ride three dozen different asses. Just look at the size of that thing, do you feel equal to the task ?

    But anyway, let's not digress : 30 Kims this Spring, barely enough for I dunno, maybe 6 of 'em today, if I scrape ? Scarcely half a dozen, and consider : only one exists anyway! Gee whiz, this loss of 23 of the 29 imaginary Kims I could have theoretically bought if imaginary internet money like the USD actually had any sort of importance in the world! I suppose I shall have to spend the rest on turkeys ? []

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